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Turkey to Dubai

If you are coming to Iran by land & want to cross Iran without having to fly & cross the Persian gulf by ferry

Tabriz - Tehran - Qeshm - Yazd - Dubai

Surfing, Boating

Age: 18+

15Day | 770€‎
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Discover Iran in Depth

One big circle around Iran and visit most sees of the country in this 2 weeks Iran tour

Tehran - Isfahan - Varzaneh - Shiraz - Yazd - Kashan



Age: 18+

14Day | 695€‎
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Explore Iran on Budget

This tour is a perfect choice for a budget travelers who prefers a little bit comfort in booked services

Tehran - Isfahan - Shiraz - Yazd - Kashan



Age: 18+

10Day | 495€‎

Iran Comfort Tours

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Deep Dive in Persian Culture

Explore Iran must sees with amazing local guides who love to show their cities to travelers

Tehran - Isfahan - Varzaneh- Shiraz - Yazd - Kashan


Surfing, Boating

Age: 18+

14Day | 1350€‎
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Explore Through Local Eyes

If you are a perfectionist and want to fit all Iran must sees in one trip, then this Iran tour is the best option

Tehran - Isfahan - Shiraz - Yazd - Kashan


Surfing, Boating

Age: 18+

10Day | 1000€‎

Iran Premuim Tours

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Snow, Sun & Sand

Iran’s dynamic climate lets you have both snow and sand within a day in this 8 days tour

Dizin - Tehran - Isfahan - Shiraz - Yazd - Kashan


Age: 18+

8Day | 1130€‎
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Ancient Civilizations

If you are interested in historical monuments, this tour will introduce you to the masterpieces of its time

Tehran - Isfahan - Shiraz - Yazd - Naein - Kashan


Age: 18+

8Day | 1140€‎
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History & Culture

A week-long, short & sweet summary of Iran’s cultural and historical heritage

Tehran - Isfahan - Shiraz - Yazd - Kashan



Age: 18+

7Day | 1150€‎
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Handicrafts & Culture

Visit classic bazaars with workshops that haven’t changed much in centuries on this tour.

Tehran - Isfahan - Shiraz - Yazd - Kashan



Age: 18+

10Day | 1450€‎
iran tour package

History & Culture

A complete introduction to Iran’s cultural and historical heritage in 10 days.

Tehran - Isfahan - Shiraz - Yazd - Kashan



Age: 18+

10Day | 1370€‎

Yazd tour offers a captivating journey into the rich history, unique architecture, and cultural heritage of this desert city in Iran. Here’s an overview of what you can explore during a Yazd tour:

Historic City Center: Begin your tour in the historic city center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the narrow lanes, ancient mud-brick buildings, and traditional houses with windcatchers (badgirs). Visit the Jameh Mosque, one of the oldest and most important mosques in Iran, known for its stunning tilework and architectural beauty.

Zoroastrian Heritage: Yazd is home to a significant Zoroastrian community. Explore the Towers of Silence (Dakhma), where Zoroastrians once practiced their unique funeral rituals. Visit the Fire Temple, which houses an eternal flame and provides insight into Zoroastrian beliefs and traditions.

Yazd Water Museum: Learn about the ingenious qanat system and the importance of water management in desert regions at the Yazd Water Museum. Discover the ancient underground water channels (qanats) and the role they played in sustaining the city’s water supply.

Fahadan Neighborhood: Explore the Fahadan district, known for its well-preserved traditional houses, atmospheric alleys, and charming courtyards. Wander through the narrow streets, visit the traditional teahouses, and immerse yourself in the unique ambiance of this historical neighborhood.

Dowlat Abad Garden: Visit the Dowlat Abad Garden, a beautiful Persian garden that showcases traditional landscaping techniques, fountains, and an impressive windcatcher. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, stroll through the lush greenery, and marvel at the stunning architecture.

Yazd Bazaar: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Yazd Bazaar, where you can find traditional handicrafts, textiles, spices, and local products. Explore the bustling marketplaces, interact with local shopkeepers, and sample delicious snacks and sweets.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex: Admire the striking Amir Chakhmaq Complex, an architectural ensemble that includes a mosque, a caravanserai, and a bathhouse. The complex features intricate tilework, arches, and a series of symmetrical alcoves that create a captivating visual effect.

Zurkhaneh: Immerse yourself in the ancient Iranian martial arts and traditional physical training at a Zurkhaneh. These historical gymnasiums showcase unique rituals, music, and strength exercises that have been practiced for centuries.

Cultural Experiences: Engage in cultural experiences such as traditional Persian music and dance performances, handicraft workshops, and culinary tours where you can learn to prepare local dishes.

Yazd offers a wealth of cultural and historical treasures, providing a fascinating glimpse into the traditions and way of life in this desert city. Whether it’s exploring ancient architecture, learning about Zoroastrianism, or experiencing the warm hospitality of the locals, a tour of Yazd promises a memorable and enriching experience.

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yazd desert tour

A desert tour in Yazd allows you to experience the captivating beauty and unique landscapes of the surrounding desert regions. Here’s an overview of what you can expect during a Yazd desert tour:

Maranjab Desert: Located about 60 kilometers (37 miles) north of Yazd, Maranjab Desert is a popular destination for desert tours. Explore the mesmerizing sand dunes, enjoy camel rides, and witness stunning sunsets and sunrises over the desert. You can also visit the Maranjab Caravanserai, a historical inn that served as a stop for caravans traveling along the Silk Road.

Mesr Desert: Located about 350 kilometers (217 miles) southeast of Yazd, Mesr Desert offers a unique desert experience. It features vast sand dunes, picturesque oases, and remote desert villages. Explore the golden dunes, visit traditional mud-brick villages, and enjoy stargazing in the clear desert sky.

Garmeh Village: Garmeh is a traditional desert village located about 180 kilometers (112 miles) southeast of Yazd. It is known for its palm groves, mud-brick houses, and traditional way of life. Visit the local attractions, interact with the friendly villagers, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the desert oasis.

Safari and Off-Road Adventures: Embark on a desert safari or off-road adventure to explore the rugged terrains and remote areas of the desert surrounding Yazd. Experienced guides can take you on thrilling rides through the desert, allowing you to discover hidden gems and enjoy the exhilarating beauty of the landscape.

Starry Nights: The desert skies around Yazd offer excellent conditions for stargazing. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the night sky as you marvel at the countless stars and constellations. Join organized stargazing tours or simply lay back in the desert and enjoy the celestial spectacle.

Traditional Desert Camps: Stay overnight in a traditional desert camp to fully immerse yourself in the desert experience. These camps provide comfortable accommodations in traditional-style tents, where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine, traditional music, and dance performances around a campfire.

During your desert tour in Yazd, it is essential to prepare accordingly. Remember to bring sun protection, including hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses, as well as adequate water and comfortable clothing for the desert environment. Additionally, it’s advisable to book tours or hire experienced guides who have knowledge of the desert terrain and can ensure your safety and a memorable experience in the desert.

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yazd tour hotels

Yazd offers a range of hotels and accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. Here are some popular hotels in Yazd that you can consider for your tour:

Dad Hotel: Located in the historic city center, Dad Hotel is a boutique hotel housed in a renovated traditional mansion. It offers comfortable rooms, a courtyard, a rooftop terrace with panoramic views, and a restaurant serving Persian and international cuisine.

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel: Situated in a historic mansion with a beautiful garden, Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel provides a unique and charming atmosphere. It offers comfortable rooms, a traditional tea house, a restaurant, and a courtyard for relaxation.

Fahadan Museum Hotel: This boutique hotel is located in the Fahadan neighborhood, offering a stay in a restored historic house. The hotel features traditional architecture, cozy rooms, a courtyard, and a rooftop terrace with views of the city.

Silk Road Hotel: Situated in the heart of the historic city center, Silk Road Hotel offers comfortable rooms, a courtyard, and a rooftop terrace. The hotel provides a convenient base for exploring the city’s attractions and is known for its friendly service.

Yazd Plaza Hotel: Located near the city center, Yazd Plaza Hotel offers modern and spacious rooms, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a restaurant. The hotel provides a range of facilities and amenities for a comfortable stay.

Arg-e Jadid Hotel: Arg-e Jadid Hotel is set in a historic building and offers comfortable rooms, a courtyard, and a traditional restaurant. It is conveniently located near the city’s major attractions, including the Jameh Mosque and the historic bazaar.

Yazd Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel: Housed in a 200-year-old mansion, Yazd Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel offers a unique cultural experience. The hotel features traditional architecture, beautifully decorated rooms, a courtyard, and a restaurant serving local cuisine.

These are just a few examples of hotels available in Yazd. It is advisable to check availability, read reviews, and consider your specific requirements when selecting accommodation for your Yazd tour.

Dad Hotel


Fahadan Museum Hotel

Fahadan Museum Hotel

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel

Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel

yazd Delicious and famous foods

Yazd, a city in Iran, has a distinct culinary heritage with a variety of delicious dishes. Here are some famous dishes that you can try during your visit to Yazd:

Yazdi Biryani: This is a traditional rice dish cooked with tender lamb or chicken, aromatic spices, and saffron. The rice is typically flavored with barberries, orange zest, and almonds. It is a flavorful and fragrant dish that showcases the Persian influence in Yazd’s cuisine.

Baghali Polo: Baghali Polo is a classic Persian dish consisting of fragrant basmati rice cooked with dill and fava beans. It is often served as an accompaniment to grilled or roasted meat dishes.

Yazdi Faludeh: Faludeh is a popular Iranian dessert, and the Yazd version is particularly famous. It is made with thin vermicelli noodles soaked in a refreshing rosewater and lemon syrup, served with a scoop of ice cream. It is a perfect dessert to cool down in Yazd’s warm climate.

Pashmak: Pashmak is a Persian style cotton candy made from spun sugar. It is typically flavored with rosewater and often garnished with pistachios or other nuts. Pashmak is a popular sweet treat in Yazd and can be found in local confectionery shops.

Ash-e Sholi: Ash-e Sholi is a hearty soup made with lentils, vegetables, and aromatic herbs. It is often cooked with lamb or beef for added flavor. This nourishing soup is enjoyed year-round and provides a comforting and filling meal.

Yazdi Baqlava: Baqlava is a well-known pastry in Iran, and Yazd has its own version of this sweet treat. Yazdi Baqlava is made with layers of thin, flaky pastry filled with a mixture of ground nuts, rosewater, and cardamom. It is typically garnished with pistachios and served with tea.

Yazdi Halva: Yazd is also famous for its halva, a sweet and dense confection made from flour, butter or oil, sugar, and flavorings such as saffron, rosewater, or cardamom. It has a rich and slightly crumbly texture and is often enjoyed as a dessert or with tea.

These are just a few examples of the delicious dishes and sweets that Yazd is known for. Exploring the local cuisine is an essential part of experiencing the culture and flavors of this ancient city.


Baghali Polo

Baghali Polo

yazd Pashmak


Yazdi Baqlava

Yazdi Baqlava

yazd tour prices

The prices for tours in Yazd can vary depending on several factors, including the duration of the tour, the number of people in the group, the specific activities and attractions included, the level of accommodation, and the services provided by the tour operator. It is recommended to contact local tour agencies or check their websites for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information.

Generally, guided day tours within Yazd city can range from approximately $20 to $50 per person, depending on the inclusions and the size of the group. These tours typically cover major attractions and landmarks in the city and may include transportation, guide services, and entrance fees.

For multi-day tours or desert excursions that involve camping and off-road experiences, prices can vary significantly depending on the duration and the level of services provided. These tours often include accommodations, meals, transportation, and activities such as camel riding, sandboarding, and stargazing. Prices for multi-day tours can range from $150 to $500 or more per person, depending on the duration, level of luxury, and inclusions.

It’s important to consider the reputation and credibility of the tour operator, as well as the quality of services provided, when comparing tour prices. Reading reviews and testimonials from previous travelers can help gauge the value and quality of the tour.

Additionally, keep in mind that prices may be subject to change based on factors such as the season, local events, and availability. It’s always advisable to contact tour operators directly or consult with local travel agencies to get accurate and detailed pricing information for the specific tour or itinerary you are interested in.