In this article from the travel2persia website, we want to talk about one of the best tourist attractions in Hamadan and Iran, namely Ali Sadr Cave. Stay with us until the end of this article to get very useful information about the history, address, etc. of Ali Sadr Cave.

History of Ali Sadr

history is one of the historical and natural attractions of Iran, which has been known as an important place for human habitation since ancient times. This cave is related to the cultural name “Ali Sadr”, which has played a big role in preserving and transmitting the history and culture of this region.

Where is Ali Sadr Cave?

Ali Sadr Cave is located in Hamedan province and is known as one of the tourist attractions of this province. A fact that has made tourists and nature lovers seek to explore this area.

Ali Sadr Cave ticket price

An entry ticket is required to enter Cave. The price of the tickets may vary and depends on the current conditions and determined by the tourism authorities. It is better to get the ticket price from reliable sources or the official website of the cave before the trip.

the official cave website :

Where is Ali Sadr Cave

Photos of Ali Sadr Cave

its famous for its natural and historical beauty. The beautiful and unique photos of this cave invite you to a trip to the ancient underground world. On websites and social media, you can see beautiful and amazing pictures of this place.

The largest and longest water cave in the world

 Ali Sadr Cave is proudly known as the largest and longest water cave in the world. The wide dimensions and natural beauty inside the cave make this place one of the most famous and special caves in the world.

Photos of Ali Sadr Cave

Opening time of Ali Sadr cave

The opening hours of Ali Sadr Cave may vary according to the season, days of the week and holidays. Before traveling, it is better to check the opening time and holiday information of the cave from official sources or the website of the cave in order to provide the best experience in visiting this attraction.


Cave is located in the heart of Hamadan province with a huge history and a unique place. This natural attraction, with its impressive depth and beauty, attracts many tourists every year. A combination of history and natural beauty has made Ali Sadr an important point in the list of places to visit in Iran.

Parks, historical monuments such as the Alavi dome, beautiful hills and climate diversity are among the tourist attractions of Hamadan city. Also, the city is known as a historical and adventure destination with ancient caves such as Ali Sadr Cave.
Hamadan is not only historically and culturally interesting but also known for its local customs, delicious local food and hospitality of its people. This city, closely related to Iranian culture, provides an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Also, Hamadan is known as a city of knowledge and science. With prominent universities and active research centers, this city plays an important role in advancing science and technology in Iran. Bo Ali Sina University, as one of the most prestigious and leading universities in the country, educates committed and cultured youth in an educational environment for growth and development. Hamedan city has a dynamic and active urban life with energetic markets and lively streets. With places such as cafes, restaurants and entertainment spaces, Hamadan is a place that offers various experiences to visitors.

ali sadr

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the entrance ticket to Ali Sadr Cave be purchased in advance?

Yes, you can usually pre-purchase an entrance ticket from the cave’s official website or attraction-related sales points. Also, tickets may be sold at the entrance to the cave.

Is photography allowed inside the cave?

Yes, photography is mostly allowed inside the cave. But it is better to get detailed information about the photography rules from the authorities or the official address of the cave.

Is Ali Sadr Cave suitable for visitors with mobility restrictions?

Yes, many strategic movement restrictions are provided for visitors. But it is better to contact the cave officials before the trip to make sure that the facilities and services you need are available.

Are there emergency services such as water supply inside the cave?

Yes, many tourist attractions have ensured emergency services such as water supply for visitors. But it is better to always have emergency supplies such as water and medical needs. 5. Are there accommodation facilities near the cave? Yes, there may be various accommodation facilities near Ali Sadr Cave. For more information, you can visit related tourism websites or regional tourism information centers.

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